Family-Friendly Transitional Home Remodel

Family-Friendly Transitional Home Remodel  

This young family purchased their first home in 2021, and let’s say it was full of original 1970s charm – i.e., nothing had been done to this house in the past 50 years. 

We had recently completed a project for a family member, so they called us in to help. During our initial consultation, they shared a modest project budget, and we explained that we wouldn’t be able to accomplish much on such a limited budget. Several weeks passed, and they ultimately raised their funding, and we signed on for the job. 

Even after doubling their budget, we still had our work cut out for us. The original kitchen was very small in comparison to the square footage of the home, and opening up the space meant we needed to add two structural beams between the first and second stories. 

These homeowners already had one small child, and were expecting another in the coming months. They also have large families in the area, so creating an ample gathering space for multiple cooks was crucial to the final layout. Some of their wish list items included a bar and a large island with plenty of seating. They also wanted the kitchen open to the family room. 

This home had a formal and informal dining area, so we opted to absorb the casual eating area into the newly expanded kitchen floorplan. We relocated their laundry room to create an extended family room, which included the new bar area. We were also able to use the under-stair space to create a kitchen pantry. The kitchen transformed from 115 sq. ft. to a spacious 260 sq. ft., all within existing poorly used space. We were able to create clear sightlines to the backyard and pool from the new kitchen and family room, perfect for a young family. 

Aesthetically speaking, our clients wanted a neutral space that could grow and change with their family. We kept the expensive items like cabinets, countertops, and tile in classic finishes like whites and navy blues, while we had more fun with things like the faucet, hardware, and light fixtures that could easily be updated over the years. The finished product is a warm, clean, family-friendly space that invites you to come in and pull up a chair.