Contemporary Primary Bathroom Remodel

Contemporary Primary Bathroom Remodel 

We were thrilled when our former clients called about their primary bathroom remodel. They were so unhappy with the space that they’d resorted to using it as a storage area, and the entire family shared the hallway bathroom. 

Some of the most notable complaints were that the vanity and closet area had no privacy from the primary bedroom, making the space difficult to use while someone was sleeping. The oversized mirrored closet doors had settled and could hardly be opened and closed. More minor complaints included the lack of double sinks, limited vanity storage, nowhere for dirty laundry, a small shower, and poor lighting overall. 

We also had a few architectural limitations. The windows in the home had recently been replaced, so we needed to retain their existing locations. Similarly, the toilet line location was very limited in this second-story room, so we needed to work around the current spot. 

Our final design included a frosted glass door separating the bedroom and bathroom. This allowed for privacy but retained the natural light provided by the windows in both rooms. We also removed the wall separating the shower and toilet area from the vanity; this made both areas feel larger and more cohesive. The closet doors were replaced with new gliding doors that provide easy access to the entire closet. 

The updated vanity area includes ample drawer storage and a large recessed medicine cabinet. The cabinets are stained oak, providing a warm natural texture to balance the cool-toned manufactured tiles. The inky-blue glass wall tile is a focal point and adds a burst of color to the room. Between the new vanity and shower area is an open storage system for baskets, towel storage, and a laundry hamper. 

We reconfigured a small closet in the bedroom to create an inviting and large shower. We opted for a full-width shampoo niche along the rear wall with the same accent tile we incorporated into the vanity area. We added a linear shower drain along the same wall to mirror the elongated niche 

detail. ‘Clear hardware’ by-pass shower doors that allow the user to reach the shower controls before stepping in. 

Overall, the space is bright and calm, with just the right amount of bold color and natural textures. We will soon begin remodeling the hallway bath because the entire family is now using this new space!