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The earlier in the process you give us a call, the better! If you’re renovating or building a new space, including your designer in your initial discussions with contracts and architects ensures you’ll get the space you’ve always wanted. We’ve partnered with many talented industry pros over the years and would love to help you assemble your dream team.


Let’s say you’re happy with the layout but want to work on updating décor, reevaluate the purpose of a room, or you just want help elevating the look of your home. We are a full service design studio: we do it all! Let us help you from concept to completion on even those smaller projects.


Are you looking for a crash course in design and how it pertains to your space? We’ve got just the thing! A one-time, two hour consultation in the comfort of your own home. We have tons of tips, tricks, and inspiration to help you knock out the little things around the house. Getting ready to sell? Are you a DIY weekend warrior? This is the perfect way to create a road map and get you started!


Our Process

Interested in working with BDC? Take a peek at our process below!

Hi! We’re BDC – Nice to meet you!

Think we may be the right fit for your project? Fill out our online form or send us an email and we can start chatting about your wish list, timeline, budget and any other important information we’ll need to get rollin’ with the homies – we mean, your project!

You swiped right, now what?

We will schedule a time to meet you, in person, and walk through the project. This is the perfect time to discuss your design style, the functionality you’re hoping for and nail down the budget we’ll be working with.

Time to break out the TI-86!

Just kidding, the math isn’t that hard! Every project needs a comprehensive budget before we really get moving though, and it’s important that we review and confirm that everyone’s on the same page.

Grab a pencil.

Let’s get down to business (cue music from Disney’s Mulan). It’s time to start designing! We work with you to create a floor plan and renderings that won’t only look amazing, but allow us to explore all the possibilities your space has to offer! We’re not happy until you are, so we’ll keep tweaking until you’re thrilled.

It’s hammer time!

It’s time to bring your design to life! We’re happy to work with trades you’ve supplied, or to help you hire some of the craftsmen we consider to be an extended part of the BDC team.

Managing your project.

Throughout the entire process, BDC will be checking in on the progress of your project. We help you select and order all of the pretty things your new space will feature as well as make sure that the right materials are being installed and everything is running smoothly.

Tie up any loose ends.

We like to make sure we’ve dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s—if there’s anything left to take care of, we help create a punch-list and get it knocked out.