Colorful Guest Bath Remodel

Colorful Guest Bath Remodel 

This couple’s long-term water leak left their downstairs guest bathroom in disarray. It had gotten so bad that the toilet would actually rock due to the sub-floor deterioration. After the remodel, this small but mighty bathroom leaves a memorable impression on its guests, primarily because of its efficient footprint and bold use of color. 

This project became necessary after a long- term water leak left the floor tile broken and the subfloor deteriorating.
Once underway, we set out to determine what other problems we could help solve in this guest bathroom. We explored several different floorplans for this space, but we ultimately decided that the general location of the fixtures worked well for these homeowners. 

One of the primary concerns was to determine how we could include as much vanity storage as possible. Their old vanity included a shallow section next to the toilet, but it only had two shallow top drawers, making the bulk of the storage awkward and hard to access. 

Although they liked the size of their old shower stall, the plastic insert was corroding. They also didn’t have anywhere to place their shower products, and there was no place to hang a towel. We opted for a tiled shower and included a shampoo niche for their bath products. We also included a horizontal shower door handle, which doubles as a towel bar.